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Bluespower 1 was excellent.Looking forward to playing with number 2.


R Green



I am an experienced guitarist of ten years and I have used the Blues power books since I very first picked up a guitar, yet I still find myself using the series to improve my playing. Blues Power focuses on developing your improvisational skills to become an accomplished guitar player. So whatever  your style, Blues, Rock, Metal ect., the scales and techniques you will need are here. When I first started playing guitar many beginner books I purchased contained the same formula of learning simple, boring songs which is very unsatisfying. However these books allowed me to start improvising simple solo's from the very beginning, which I believe inspired me to carry on playing guitar a lot longer then I otherwise would have. Now after ten years I still enjoy improvising over the backing tracks to develop my skills further, and if you are an experienced guitarist I believe the books will still be interesting and informative, especially those later in the series. My online purchase was quick and easy, and used PayPal which is ,my preferred method when making online purchases. Overall the series has been great value for money and I'm sure I will continue to use the books for years to come.





This is the best 11.99 I have spent.Learning scales is pretty boring.But playing to your blues backing tracks- trying different techniques

and combinations makes practise interesting and exciting.I`m getting there and enjoying every minute of it!


Alan Jones


I`ve been trying for years to play the blues and tried many different ways but it wasn`t until I tried Blues power that it all started to fall into place.I think it is a brilliant package...the solos are nice to listen to...!





...its a great product that makes learning to play the guitar more fun.Keep up the good work...!





I just wanted to drop you a note to congratulate you on your "power"cds.I have bought so much tuition stuff before but overnight these transformed my playing from " so what do I do now" to " wow what was that" .It was exactly what I needed.Thank you.I intend to focus on the minor blues.I wish you every success with this excellent series.I am so pleased with this purchase.Excellent!


Steve Haynes


With your help I`ve improved quicker than I`d have believed.